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December 22, 2013
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December Mega Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 22, 2013, 10:58 PM

The features are in alphabetic order I guess! ;)
I have tried to include every friend but I had to skip some otherwise you know what would happen. I am sorry to you.
Enjoy!!! :heart:

.: lizard :. by amygdalon
Ballerina by AnnaKirsten

La noche se acaba by Anxo-Azrael
Don't look at me! by aoao2

Lazy Borgia by Becky123190
<da:thumb id="419743657"/>
dec 16th sunset 2 by BlueIvyViolet
Ford Mustang-backview by blueMALOU
Lady in red. 4. by Bru-Mary
Delicate and Fluffy by CaryAndFrankArts
Little Fairy by Crusaide-Nino
Frozen Moment by Davils-Photography
it wasn't my design by dimajaber
Heart of Courage. by dragonfly-oli

PHUQUE EWE by EinhanderZwei
Fluffy by Elli090
What goes there by gigi50
Marching On by Jessica-Nahulan
I got them! by JocelyneR
Lilac Clematis by Kattvinge
Me singing IV by kirapoetic
in the summer by skygazing
Mystery by Kokopa
red passion by lindahabiba

Lormet-Holiday-0039sml by Lormet-Images
Strangers In The Night by LUCILALEYLA
Succulent by MadGardens
Hpider by MarcosRodriguez
Portrait of Egyptian vulture by Momotte2
Soft Touch by MyaSona
Even death can't bring us apart by SacMPhoto
Antique Rose by sara-satellite
FDS_II by relhom

An Unforgettable Smile by sesam-is-open
Quiet Night .. by The-Golden-Princess
This Could be Fun... by Tyrant-ess

Coffee Queen by QllM

My home .. ! by abdoyuri
Big calm, Before the red water. by Altair-E

Midnight Melody by Beautiful-Life15
The evil witch by CindysArt

Alice by coby01
Deadly hopes by dangerous-glow
ABSINTHE ( OPIUM REMIX ). by darkconjurer
Caliz De Las Almas by DenysRoqueDesign
Cygnus by Fantasy214
Angel Of Forest by humamy
I saw the sign by JiaJenn31
A Portrait of Baroness von Schafen by Ksenos-ks
Morning dew by LanestraFlameheart
Paper Roses 2-Papirrozsak 2 by ladyjudina
The Toymaker by KarahRobinson-Art
Song of Love by Lucinhae
019 by LucyRanelle
Lost angel by MarkOoMarben
Camilla d'Errico's The Heart by Meagan-Marie
Music of the Night by Melanie-J-Howle
Fae Melusine Avatar by Fae-Melie-Melusine

Poucette - A very little girl by MorriganMagie
Snow Angel by msfowle
I'll Call You FRIEND by PridesCrossing
<da:thumb id="418350271"/>
Chained Angel ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMB
Secret Place by SeventhFairy
RED by shiny-shadows-Art
Happy Holiday To Everyone by SweediesArt
Nymphe by Sisterslaughter165
Welcome by Teddy-Cube
Dreaming Girl by tinca2
Eres mia by vampirekingdom

The Witch by 13Sofie13

Islamic Princess Around The World ~ Korea by ainosora
The Last of Us - Ellie by Skyllee
Retrato niña a lapiz 1 by Ana1artistaplastica
Hope by AndreaCCastaneda
Cold by lucirgo
Final Farewell by AnnxFrost
Ashvic by ApocalipticFuzz
Dreams Come True by areemus
My base station on AS Y2803 by arteandreas
Patterns by baghii
Angry Chibi... by BANA-GONGCHAN
Joker by Benbella-Marzahan

Gift by bornstar910

Silent street by brietolga
A Coffee Love by cartoongirl7

Sword Master - enhanced version by chaosringen
<da:thumb id="398894592"/>
NP-2 by Dark-Hart-Design
#12 Librarier and reader, the pact of wisdom by DestinySword

A million stars by dm3da
Kingfisher by DragonWolfAshes
Flounders by Eleanor-Anne6
Summer by QueenOfHearts67
MaSqUeRaDe gIrL by Fajralam
If I look back I'm lost by Fantaasiatoidab
Goldfishy: Painted by Finding-The-Time
Whisper Of The Heart by Griffinfly
Twisted In Shades by GrotesqueDarling13
Digital Art : Light On by Gycinn
Fenrir [commission] by i-mi

<da:thumb id="329027943"/>
The Aalavala Stellar System by Jakeukalane
Mikasa Ackerman by Jeageractive
Katheryn Stadlefled by kathrynslee
Renchon~ waay~ waayy~ by Kazenokaze
Contest Entry: Iori Hiromi (with background) by khadijahmuslimah
Ayato by Kutty-Sark
Inu Santa ACEO card by LadyNin-Chan
Key West view by Magama1980
Dangerous Princess by Mari945
Conan The Barbarian by MuhammedFeyyaz
Aime-Moi au pays du soleil levant by Myria-Moon by Myria-Moon
busy fizz by Nanghyang
PC: Guardian by PitchBlackEspresso
Levi ([ Shingeki no Kyojin ]) by Rayckro
Mondays makes me crazy by SabakuNoShi

Own character - art trade by SabakuNoShi

Bleach - Soi Fon by SabakuNoShi

keelah se'lai by saharadise
YGO: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End by Shinobi-Gambu
In the Snow by StormWhiskers
DW: .:Dec22th - Day 10 - Holiday Cheer:. - UC by Superdemon-Inuyasha
Tom Jones colored pencil drawing by textmixer
When Will My No Begin by TsaoShin
Secret... by Wilder--Wein
The Last of Us drawing- Endure and Survive by zakValkyrie

Christmas Star by Chazagirl
Composizione3245bis by claudio51
Fleur Cuivre by Digithalie
Fractalholic 4512 by Fractalholic
12th MB Teaser Hal - organic plumbing by fraterchaos

Blow of Heat on the Ice by heyday93
an island for Kai and Jim. by isider
Warrior's Crest by jim373
The Oriental Rose by Joe-Maccer

Autumn Love by LaraBLN
Bello Futuro by LaraBLN

Peacock Project by luisbc
Nh-wf-131215-15 by m0thman72
Lux by maya49m
A simple Ultra Fractal by Miguel-ANGL
Sharp Edges by Minia4
StrokeS by pancake84
Gaussian by pinkal09
Radiating Warmth by recycledrelatives
Grandmother's Garden by seven-s
2013uf4 by Xelyd
.:Serendipity:. by Yiskah-chan

Al-Shura - 53 by Baraja19
Al Rahim by Omar-Khattab

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thank you :heart:
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